Alleged Killer Nurse Has At Least One Defender

A nurse at the Lufkin Dialysis Center injected her patients with bleach, murdering five of them and injuring five more, according to an indictment released today from an Angelina County grand jury.  

Kimberly Saenz was arrested this week and charged with capital murder and five counts of aggravated assault for patients that survived. (Read the indictment here.)

Hair Balls spoke to the husband of a woman who survived, and surprisingly, he doubts Saenz's guilt.  

"She was good to us, and I don't believe the girl did it," he said. "If the girl said she did it, then I might believe it."

According to other reports, Saenz was fired in April of last year, three days after the last death and a day after DaVita Inc., the clinic's parent company, shut down the place. The center re-opened about three months later.

"I don't have any use for these bastards up here. It's all cover-up and fraud and scandal," the husband said. "That's what I believe until somebody tells me different, and if you'd been through what I'd been through with them, you'd understand what I'm talking about."

The deaths are similar to the case of Vicki Dawn Jackson, a nurse convicted of killing ten patients at Nocona General Hospital by injecting them with mivacurium chloride. She pleaded no contest and received life in prison.

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