The Tolan-Bellaire Shooting Story Is Going National

Isiah Carey's Insite reports the Robbie Tolan/Bellaire police shooting story is going national.

Bryant Gumbel of HBO's Real Sports was in town to interview Tolan, who was shot in his driveway by Bellaire cops. Tolan's father is former major leaguer Robert Tolan.

Carey says Gumbel interviewed the entire family, and the family is now going into media lockdown until the show airs. When that happens -- supposedly next week -- they'll hold a press conference.

Gumbel also found out what the rest of the local media has -- Bellaire officials don't want to talk about this to anyone.

Tolan's attorney, Geoffrey Berg, has told Hair Balls that he expects to file a civil suit against the department and the city.

Tolan allegedly told Gumbel that he no longer lives at home, fearing retaliation by the local cops.

The city of Bellaire has taken some steps -- bringing in an outside expert to determine if the police's record of traffic stops indicates racial profiling, and having a meeting with the NAACP.

There is, of course, some cynicism as to how much of this is public relations, but then again it's better than nothing, we suppose.

-- Richard Connelly

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