Jessica Goldman

Jessica Goldman

Jessica Goldman was the theater critic for CBC Radio in Calgary prior to joining the Houston Press team. Her work has also appeared in American Theatre Magazine, Globe and Mail and Alberta Views. Jessica is a member of the American Theatre Critics Association.

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  • 6 days ago | Stage

    Let’s talk about what we don’t get a lot of in the Houston theater scene. Premieres of local playwrights. Shows set in, and about, our city. Site-specific theater. Purposefully intimate/small audience productions. Shows that embrace racial and sex...

  • 15 days ago | Stage

    Is there anything worse than listening to bad spoken word poetry? The kind with lines kinda like, “You are my Picasso, I am your muse. Even though you’re difficult, you’re the one I would choose.” Poetry about tigers in a cage, a cage full of rage...

  • 24 days ago | Stage

    Picture a story about a poor school, in a dangerous neighborhood, populated by students of color, most of whom are failing. Their teachers are a mixed bag: some are jaded, a few well-intentioned, and several suffer from the type of selfishness con...

  • 30 days ago | Stage

    Alright Houston, you’re gonna have to permit me some cross-border patriotism here for a minute when it comes to ‘da Kink in My Hair, now onstage at Ensemble Theatre. I’ll get it over with quickly…. TORONTO IN DA HOUSE!!!! See the thing is, you cou...

  • 2 months ago | Stage

    And the award for best audience participation moment goes to We’re Gonna Die at Horse Head Theater Co. Wait, where are you going? Come back, the review’s just started! But you hate audience participation? The whole forcing the viewers to take part...

  • 2 months ago | Stage

    The 2017-18 theater season began underwater. Literally. In late August, 2017, Harvey roared through our Bayou City and lived up to its biblical plague prediction. The monster storm dumped more than 50 inches of rain on us, and the effects are stil...

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