We've got nothing against cab drivers, and frankly, people who do often wind up sounding a little racist once they elaborate. But sometimes you want to feel like a high-roller and order your own private driver, even though you don't have Mr. Big money to drop on the endeavor. That's where Uber comes in. All you have to do is download the app, create an account, tell it where you are and off you go. We took an Uber car all the way from Willowbrook Mall to Hobby Airport recently, and the grand total was $45. Not a bad way to cross the sprawl in style.

Thousands of people drive past the Wunsche Family Cemetery every day without ever noticing the handful of headstones that make up the tiny graveyard, and they're completely unaware of the mystery surrounding the murder of one of its residents. Located between the freeway and the feeder road, the cemetery holds about a dozen graves of the German immigrant family whose patriarch, Carl Wunsche, left Saxony to settle in what's now Old Town Spring in the 1840s. The family built a cotton gin and became prosperous, and in 1902 they built the saloon and hotel that is now called the Wunsche Bros. Cafe & Saloon. The family's land was eventually sold to make way for area developments, but the cemetery remained intact, though awkwardly placed on the I-45 embankment. The dates on the tombstones range from 1885 to 1959. Among them is the grave of Olena Wunsche, who was murdered in 1929. The 21-year-old woman disappeared one day, and when her body was eventually found, it turned out she had been shot in the back. Her boyfriend's dead body was found on the opposite side of town.

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