David Rozycki

Alice's Tall Texan is famous for its 18-ounce Shiner and Lone Star beers served in enormous, fishbowl-shaped goblets, but what really makes this bar special is the feeling you get walking in, certain that everything will be exactly the way it has always been. Sure, the old jukebox was swapped out for an internet model a while back, but in a fundamental way this place never changes, making it the perfect neighborhood bar. Whether you sidle up to the bar or snag a spot at one of the scrupulously clean tables in this place, you know the beer will be cold, the regulars all know each other's names, and there's a good chance someone will bring in a casserole or some chili to share with the group.

Nominally, Day For Night is a festival, although its sworn mission is to upend many of the stale characteristics of such events — the long walk between outdoor stages, paint-by-numbers talent lineups, or even the same-old-same-old food and drink offerings. Debuting last December at Silver Street Studios, in practice Day For Night came off like a music festival wrapped around a museum, mingling thought-provoking art installations (sometimes an entire warehouse in size) with a musical lineup topped by New Order, Kendrick Lamar and Philip Glass. It really did feel different, all the way down to the giant rug carpeting the area in front of the main stage. This year's Day For Night will be at the former Barbara Jordan Post Office downtown, so it's anyone's guess what the physical configuration (or the lineup) might be, but its promise to be an "experiential" festival is already true in one regard — it's much better to experience it than to try to explain it.

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