When we're looking to burn off some energy and log some miles, we head straight to Memorial Park. Spanning 1,466 acres, it is one of the largest urban parks in the United States and has been set up to offer everything a runner could want. The three-mile loop is always a satisfying jaunt, full of people-watching opportunities, as well as water fountains and bathrooms. At night the path is well-lit so you can still exercise after work in those dark winter months. And if crowds aren't your thing, Memorial Park offers plenty of other running paths and trails too.

There's nothing like launching yourself out of an airplane at 14,000 feet and free-falling at 120 miles an hour – safely, of course. Skydive Spaceland gives you the thrill of rushing towards death while being safely strapped to an expert who jumps out of perfectly good airplanes for a living. After you both pull on the parachute, you'll float above a private 134-acre drop zone about 30 minutes south of Houston. On a clear day you might even see the H-Town skyline in the distance.

Out of all the fun runs in the Bayou City, this one takes home the gold because it's sexy and doesn't take itself too seriously. Benefiting local charity Girls on the Run Greater Houston, this two-mile run starts and ends at the Gorgeous Gael Irish Bar, and participants race in bras, panties and Speedos. Our favorite part? The costume contest, bringing us a naughty Catholic schoolgirl, the Captain America collective, a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle and many other characters. It's good clean fun — in a sweaty, hot and bothered sort of way — with a nice cold beer chaser at the end.

Inner Loop dog owners have precious few parks where Fido can really cut loose. That's why we suggest going the extra mile (or 20) and taking your furry friend to Congressman Bill Archer Dog Park, where he can gallivant across 17 acres, finding new and interesting ways to get dirty. Whether your pal likes agility courses, ponds, woodsy areas or just wide-open spaces, he's guaranteed to have a blast. And you're guaranteed to have some peace and quiet once he gets home and crashes.

READERS' CHOICE: Buffalo Bayou Park

Our weather being what it is, the time comes for Houston parents to exercise their demons indoors. And Wonderwild is just the place, ­spacious enough to run the little horses and affordable enough to visit as needed. The attractions include a huge kiddie habitrail, various chutes and ladders, non-­mechanized go-­kart tracks, a ropey habitat, assorted toys, foam sundries and a general bounce-­area with an enduring popularity. The staff is friendly; they stay within sight but out of the way, observing the strange, almost self-­governing social systems of children at play.

It's rare to have a player about whom you can say, "He is the reason the Rockets finished as the eighth seed in the Western Conference," and have it be simultaneously an insult and a compliment. Last season Harden's slow start dug the Rockets into a hole that got Kevin McHale fired. But with two months left, Harden was spectacular, showing the form that made him the runner-up for the MVP in 2014-2015, and helped the Rockets sneak into the playoffs. This season, with Dwight Howard gone to Atlanta, the Rockets are building exclusively around Harden, who will look to regain his near MVP form with new teammates Ryan Anderson and Eric Gordon turning his kick-out passes into three-pointers.


One of Houston's oldest and most beautiful parks is also one of its most useful. In addition to the zoo, the golf course, the museums across the street, Miller Outdoor Theatre, the train and the brand new McGovern Centennial Gardens, this park has beautiful old oak and pine trees and plenty of spots to lounge and enjoy a picnic. We prefer the hill overlooking the theater during one of the many performances, but, really, anywhere in the sprawling metropolitan green space is ideal for a picnic for the entire family.

The thing about a trip to the Hill Country is that it's modular. With so much to do in the center of our gigantic state, any trip west of Houston can be tailored or suited to your interests, be they culinary, outdoor, historical or something else entirely. New Braunfels puts you in the center of more than just an inner tube on a lazy river. The city has two great venues in Gruene Hall, which should be on your Texas music bucket list, and Whitewater Amphitheater, which is one of the best spots in the state that no one talks about. From New Braunfels you can dip down into San Antonio for tacos or up into Lockhart for BBQ. New Braunfels may not have the same cred as Austin, but give it a shot and you'll find the place is pretty legit.

Being only about an hour from the Gulf Coast affords Houstonians the opportunity to go to the beach as frequently as they are able. Most head for Galveston and, sure, it's fine, but if you want a slightly more laid-back beach experience, try Surfside. Southwest of Galveston along the Blue Water Highway, it is devoid of the tourist traps of its big sister. Mostly, it is populated by families staying in rent houses that line the beach and folks down for the day from Houston. Best yet, you can avoid the hellish traffic on the Gulf Freeway in favor of the far tamer 288.

There are any number of ways to measure the caliber of a sports franchise, and right now the Houston Texans check the right boxes. First, the value of the team is estimated by Forbes to be at around $2.5 billion, which is by far the most of any Houston team and the seventh-highest valuation in the National Football League. Second, owner Bob McNair has committed the resources to winning, making Bill O'Brien one of the higher-paid coaches in the league and sinking several tens of millions of dollars into signing bonuses for free agents this past offseason, most notably quarterback Brock Osweiler and running back Lamar Miller. The team is positioned to win, and win soon. Third, the Texans are extremely active in numerous charitable endeavors throughout the Houston community through the Houston Texans Foundation, setting a tone of generosity and community awareness that permeates their roster.

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